Improve Your Business

At Navigator Solutions LC we develop your business by assisting you, our partner, to understand your business through Business Analysis and Small Business Coaching for your existing business. If you have a new business, or are considering one, we provide Startup Analysis and Boot Strap Forecasting.

Throughout all phases, there is a strong emphasis placed on understanding the flow of information through your business. With this knowledge you can improve the communication of information and maximize your decision capabilities.

Business Analysis (BA)

Business Analysis combines the two disciplines of Financial Modeling and Process Modeling to provide a comprehensive view of an organization. BA analyzes the historical and current state of the organization and evaluates its effectiveness. From this analysis, a Comprehensive Plan is developed to identify improvements, opportunities, risks, return on investments, and strategies for ongoing performance monitoring.

Financial Modeling (FM)

Develop partners by improving their understanding of the financial components of their specific organization and developing key performance indicators (KPI) relevant to their business. Financial Modeling Services typically are conducted as a group. Advanced partners may engage for individual services, as required.

Financial Modeling Services
  1. Review Existing (?) Business Plan, Mission Statement and Vision Statement
  2. Document a Business Specific Financial Model
  3. Analyze Historical Financial Statements
  4. Define Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Fixed and Relative
  5. Train In Utilization of the Components of the Financial Model, Analysis and KPI’s

Process Modeling (PM)

Develop partners by improving the information flow and/or workflow within the organization. Information flow is improved with efficient conversion of data to information and applied knowledge. Workflow improvements are developed by physical workflow analysis and simplified time study. The various parts of process modeling are accomplished individually or mixed/matched, as required. Often information flow and workflow include overlapping criteria.

Process Modeling Services
  1. Information Audits
  2. Information Flow Documentation
  3. Information Process Analysis
  4. Data Migration
  5. Workflow Audits
  6. Inventory & Supply Chain Audits
  7. Time Study – Simplified

Small Business Coaching (SBC)

Small Business Coaching takes Business Analysis (BA) to the next level – into the future. While BA analyzes the historical and current state of the organization, evaluates its effectiveness and develops a plan for future improvement and monitoring; Small Business Coaching provides ongoing monitoring and analysis for the plans developed in Business Analysis. SBC services are engaged on a retainer or ad hoc basis.

Small Business Coaching Services
  1. Monthly Review of Financial Plan and KPI’s
  2. Telephonic Support
  3. Project Specific Return On Investment (ROI) Analysis

Startup Analysis & Boot Strap Forecasting

Starting up a new business can appear daunting. Many business start-ups fail, not because they do not have a good business idea, but because they do not know how to implement the mechanics of managing the business. The experience used in helping established small businesses succeed by Small Business Coaching, is applied in evaluating a new business in the areas of:

  1. Creating a Specific Business Model
  2. Creating Pro Forma Financial Statements
  3. Risk Analysis
  4. Establishing Relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  5. Developing Information Flow and Workflow Procedures
  6. Evaluating Available Supply Chains
  7. Computing Return On Investment (ROI)


Small Business Management Services

Navigator Solutions also provides a specialty management services for

  1. Holding Companies / Asset Retention Companies
  2. Companies in Generational Transition
  3. Run-On Lines of Business

These services are tailored to the specific management need, and include hands-on, transitional and oversight management.

For more information on how our management services can increase the efficiencies of your organization, please contact us for a personal review.

Navigator Solutions LC


Our Vision

Navigator Solutions empowers its partners with an understanding of the flow of information throughout their company and the value it has on impacting their success.

The Power of Information Flow

“See that the President, the Cabinet and staff are informed. If cut out of the information flow, their decisions may be poor, not made, or not confidently or persuasively implemented.”

--Donald Rumsfeld
Secretary of Defense


“Information is power. But it is what you do with it, that either makes you great or diminishes you.”